February 11, 2015

The new platform

SEO, design, coding, debugging: everything is finally done!

After a long period of planning about my new website I decided to focus one entire month (unusually happened last month of 2014) to make it step-by-step with italian web designer Marco Ingraiti.

So it took two months to complete the whole process and give an appealing graphic style to it.

It's still a long way to finalize all the parts in what I use to call "the browser disorder", which causes malfunctioning of the visual objects, but all the details necessary are already there in order to offer you a good high-quality presentation of services, projects, life facts and passion behind my work.

Now it will start the long, curvy pathway towards the application of marketing campaigns and strategies, which is probably the less fun part of them all, especially for a creator.

Of course, I will do it with great tenacity, love and integrity. It's a new year and a new beginning, I wish all of you to have only the best out of 2015!

For more information please visit www.alexcalo.com



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